Mini Freestyle 390

Line colors
Outdoor (in option)
Lagoon (in option)
Goldcoast (in option)
Mini Freestyle
With a fixed 140x190 cm bed, it has big ambitions !

While staying compact and lightweight, the 390 has great aspirations : a large fixed bed (140x190) at the front, an ergonomic kitchen and a bathroom with toilet and sink.
Its end dinette can easily be turned into a 70x190 bed. As the other caravans of the range, the 390 is available in several exclusive colours designed to suit your taste.
Wherever you go, your Mini Freestyle follows : the 390 is always ready for trips in the mountain, the city, the countryside and even the seaside.
Effortless towing an manoeuvrability, easy to set up, the 390 is a perfect match regardless of whether you prefer action packed holidays or ‘dolce far niente’ time. What are you waiting for to give to yourself the power of getting away at your own pace ?

Sleeps three (two beds): One single + one double bed
Toilet + washbasin